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Our Cloud-based youtubemp3 converter does wonders. Download free music from youtube in seconds. Search youtube from the box below, and convert video to mp3.

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Search youtube from this box. Enter your search text, like "Nicky Jam" or "Ariana Grande" & submit. We will offer several possible matches. You pick the video you like most, click on it, see the Big Green Button - hit that, and in seconds youtubemp3 will be ready and download will start automatically. Same for red button.

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YoutubeMp3 Cloud is finally here!!

Hi, we wanted to introduce ourselves. These days everyone needs to be polite and PC and all kinds of... So we are here, we are a new unique type of youtubemp3 converter - the cloud mp3 converter. What does this mean for you? Well, it's mostly the speed, the download speed, yes, the conversion speed.. On average our system will help you locate the video you want on youtube and convert it to mp3 with subsequent download in less than 30 seconds. On average. All you gotta do is enter search text in the white box above, hit the GO button to the right, or wait for our search suggestions, select one of those if you like.. Then we display a few videos from youtube for you to choose from. You hit one of them, we convert it to mp3 for you, give you download button, or in reverse order, and mp3 is made just for you and sent to you. It's just a fancy way to say "download happens", we know. In any case, we use youtube to search youtube and we use a collective power of best cloud service in the world to process the conversion and provide you with youtubemp3 of your dreams!!

How to use youtubemp3 cloud?

It's easy! Didn't we just talk about it above? In any case, using this website involves 4 simple steps..

A - search youtube, see results

B - click on any video in the list

C - mp3 converter buttons appear

D - click one, wait, and download

Design is very intuitive and user friendly. Superb user experience guaranteed. Just watch out some mobile devices don't hide keyboard after search suggestion is tapped, sometimes results maybe there already, but hiding under the keyboard..

Can I just bring Youtube video link?

Yes, and of course! We can work with your link. Do you know how to find said link? Probably yes, but if no, - check out any video has either box with an upward arrow icon, or a Share button on the video or somewhere next to it. You should hit that button, it will offer multiple ways to go from there. On a mobile device it's very easy just find the Copy to Clipboard option. On desktop it may just say Copy where you need to hit. Or right-click + Copy URL + CTRL+C, combination guaranteed to copy youtube link into your clipboard. With the link, head over here, and we'll take over.

Is youtubemp3 safe? Is it safe to use?

Yes, our site is as safe as it gets. We don't offer any ads or popups, no malware or download of any kind. Well, yes, we do serve mp3s, but that's on your request. Otherwise we don't try anything behind your back, we only use 2 cookies to make sure you're human and visiting properly via the front page.. Otherwise there's no tracking, no popups or any kind of advertisement. This makes our service very safe, much safer than any leading youtubemp3 converter.

How is your service better than others?

To tell you the truth, essentiall all youtubemp3 downloaders are the same. They do same thing, only they get there differently. Well, we cut corners as much as we can to make your experience fast and effective. We don't do multipage reloads, we have 2 buttons that produce downloads after 1 click (sometimes delayed by the time needed to convert video to mp3).. Our converter adds meta-data (artist name, song title, etc) to the mp3 id-tags, even album art or at least thumbnail is added to the mp3 to distinguish it in your library from all others.. We also do wonders with youtube playlists... Can your favorite mp3 converter do all this? Yes, we are different.

Can we download Youtube Playlist here?

Yes, youtubemp3 cloud is a great youtube playlist downloader. We will display up to 200 first tracks from the playlist, you pick which ones you want to convert to mp3 and download. Don't forget to open those in new browser tabs, so as not to keep going back and reloading playlist.

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please, drop us an email here.. we're always happy to hear from our users. if you want some new features or just want to say how our website saved your life - we are always open to nice conversations! we love to talkwith users who like to use our work...